Chinese New Year 2010

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year and (CNY) Gong Hay Fat Choy everyone and welcome to the year of the Tiger.  CNY is celebrated with family visits from relatives and the distribution of red pockets to the junior members of the family from the married elders.

Let’s go through some of the Chinese New Year traditions and some traditional Chinese cuisine during this celebration.

A reunion dinner is held on New Year’s Eve where everyone in the family from all over gets together to celebrate.  The New Year’s Eve dinner is usually decadent and traditionalyl consists of fish and chicken.

Traditional Chinese New Year dishes include:

Buddha’s Delight: Vegetarian dish served on the eve and New Year’s day.

Fat Choy: hair like algae vegetable

Noodles: Long uncut noodles represent long life and longevity for the new year.

Bakkwa: Salty sweet, dried meat similar to jerky.

Red pockets are then distributed to family members during the reunion dinner.  The pockets are usually filled with money in lucky denominations to signify good luck, happiness and good fortune.

Other traditions include possible gift exchanges, market fairs, and fireworks!

In the video this guy Yutai is a bit lost but he rambles through a lot of the traditional Chinese New Year dishes.


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