Beerfest – 2010

Beer Fest 2010

Beerfest is back and this time it’s here with a vengeance with more food, more entertainment and most importantly…more alcohol with mor brewers and beers than ever!
Attractions:  Squeeze, Trophy, Great Bloomers, Kardinal Offishall, God Made Me Funky, Miles Jones, Styrofoam, Skydiggers, Little FEAT

Bandshell ParkDate:
August 5:  4 – 10pm
August 6: 4 – 10pm
August 7: 1- 7pm
August 8: 1 – 7pm
Location: Bandshell Park

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Beer Vendors

Affligem Blonde (McClelland Premium Imports)
Amber Ale (Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd.)
Alexander Keith’s (Labatt Breweries)
Amsterdam Blonde (Amsterdam Brewing Co.)
Antigravity Light Ale (Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery)
Arkell Best Bitter (Wellington Brewery)
Asahi Premium Black Kuronama Beer (Ozawa Canada Inc.)
Asahi Super Dry Beer (Ozawa Canada Inc.)
Beer Barons
Big Rock Lime (Big Rock Brewery)
Big Rock Traditional Ale (Big Rock Brewery)
Big Wheel (Amsterdam Brewing Co.)
Black Current Mead (Trafalgar Ales and Meads)
Black Oak Cask (Black Oak Brewing Company)
Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Black Oak Brewing Company)
Black Oak Pale Ale (Black Oak Brewing Company)
Black Oak Summer Saison (Black Oak Brewing Company)
Boris Beer (The Premium Beer Company)
Boxer Ice Beer (Minhas Craft Brewery)
Boxer Lager Beer (Minhas Craft Brewery)
Bud Light Lime (Labatt Breweries)
Budweiser (Labatt Breweries)
Buzz Beer (Cool Beer Brewing)
Cameron’s Auburn Ale (Cameron’s Brewing Company)
Cameron’s Cream Ale (Cameron’s Brewing Company)
Cameron’s Dark 266 (Cameron’s Brewing Company)
Cameron’s Lager (Cameron’s Brewing Company)
Carling (Molson Coors Canada)
Cool Beer (Cool Beer Brewing)
Coors Light (Molson Coors Canada)
Corona (Molson Coors Canada)
County Dark Ale (Wellington Brewery)
Cracked Canoe (The Premium Beer Company)
Creemore Springs Premium Lager (Creemore Springs Brewery)
Creemore Springs Traditional Pilsner (Creemore Springs Brewery)
Critical Mass (Trafalgar Ales and Meads)
De Koninck Amber (McClelland Premium Imports)
Delirium Tremens (McClelland Premium Imports)
Erdinger Dunkel (McClelland Premium Imports)
Erdinger Weissbier (McClelland Premium Imports)
Fruli Strawberry Wheat (McClelland Premium Imports)
Grasshopper Wheat Ale (Big Rock Brewery)
Great Lakes Brewery
Heineken (Molson Coors Canada)
Hop City Brewing Co. (The Premium Beer Company)
Hook Norton (Beer Barons)
Hoptical Illusion (Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery)
Imperial Stout (Wellington Brewery)
Innis & Gunn Blonde (PMA Canada Ltd.)
Innis & Gunn Original (PMA Canada Ltd.)
Iron Duke (Wellington Brewery)
Jack & Cola (Jack Daniel’s Ready to Drink)
Jack & Iced Tea (Jack Daniel’s Ready to Drink)
Jack & Lemonade (Jack Daniel’s Ready to Drink)
James Ready 5.5 (James Ready Brewing Co.)
James Ready Light (James Ready Brewing Co.)
James Ready Original Ale (James Ready Brewing Co.)
Keystone Light (Molson Coors Canada)
King Brewery (Beer Barons)
KLB Raspberry Wheat (Amsterdam Brewing Co.)
Korruptor (Trafalgar Ales and Meads)
Laker Lager (Brick Brewing Co.)
Lug-Tread Lagered Ale (Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.)
Mill Street Brewery
Miller Chill (Molson Coors Canada)
Miller Genuwine Draft (Molson Coors Canada)
Molson Canadian (Molson Coors Canada)
Moosehead Lager (The Premium Beer Company)
Nickel Brook Ale (Nickel Brook Beers)
Nickel Brook Gluten Free (Nickel Brook Beers)
Nickel Brook Green Apple Pilsner (Nickel Brook Beers)
Nickel Brook Maple Porter (Nickel Brook Beers)
Nickel Brook Organic Lager (Nickel Brook Beers)
Nickel Brook Pilsner (Nickel Brook Beers)
Pale Pilsner (Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd.)
Raspberry Mead (Trafalgar Ales and Meads)
Red Baron Blonde (Brick Brewing Co.)
Red Bull Beer (Red Bull Beer Company)
Rickard’s Dark (Molson Coors Canada)
Rickard’s Red (Molson Coors Canada)
Rickard’s White (Molson Coors Canada)
Robert Simpson Confederation Ale (Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery)
Rock Creek Cider (Big Rock Brewery)
St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale (McAuslan Brewing)
St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout (McAuslan Brewing)
St. Ambroise Pale Ale (McAuslan Brewing)
Samuel Adams (The Premium Beer Company)
Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown (McAuslan Brewing)
Sapporo Premium (Sleeman Brewing & Malting Co.)
Special Pale Ale (Wellington Brewery)
Steam Whistle Pilsner (Steam Whistle Brewing)
Stiegl (McClelland Premium Imports)
Stiegl Grapefruit Radler (McClelland Premium Imports)
StoneHammer Dark Ale (StoneHammer Ales & Lagers)
StoneHammer Light (StoneHammer Ales & Lagers)
StoneHammer Pilsner (StoneHammer Ales & Lagers)
Stonewall (Cool Beer Brewing)
Trailhead Lager (Wellington Brewery)
Weihenstephan (Beer Barons)
William Cider
Yanjing Beer (Beijing Yanjing Beer Group)

Toronto's Festival of Beer

Food Vendors

Caplansky’s Delicatessen
Elbows Mac & Cheese
Friendly Greeks
La Poutine Machine
Ontario Corn Roasters
Tiny Tom Donuts
Ted’s World Famous BBQ

Product/Promotional Vendors

Hype Energy Drink
Thomas Hines Tobacconist


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  1. People! Avoid that dodgy Chinese beer – Yanjing Beer especially if you are celiac.

    Canadian company representing this beer is making false claims about it’s ingredients.

    Taste is horrible as well. Stick with Tsingtao,Harbin or Zhujiang if you are going to drink a nice Chinese lager beer.

    Posted by Eric Lancois | August 20, 2010, 11:20 pm
  2. Indeed. Not only are the claims the Canadian company representing this beer in Canada are false, this company routinely ignores provincial liquor laws by providing money or free product as an inducment for restaurants to order the beer. How do I know? I am in the wine business in western Canada and it is widely known this company works with Chinese restaurants to avoid taxes and in accepting the free product/cash. Yanjing dodgy? Yes.

    Posted by David Fredricton | August 29, 2010, 8:20 am