Avocados from Mexico Contest

On Cinco de Mayo, May 5, 2011, Chef John Cirillo will prepare an authentic Mexican meal made from avocados from Mexico along with refreshing beverages at Cirillo’s Culinary Academy in Toronto. The evening will be filled with festive decorations, Mexican music and lots of fun! The winner and each guest will receive a goodie bag at the end of the party.

For a chance to win, simply complete the form and send it in!

Avocados from Mexico Cinco de Mayo contest- Click HERE to enter

Avocados 101

How to Select, Ripen and Store an Avocado from Mexico

1. Determine when you want to use your avocado from Mexico:

2. To speed up the ripening process, place your avocado in a loosely closed brown paper bag at room temperature.

3. Ripe avocados can be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days.

How to Prepare an Avocado from Mexico

STEP ONE: Hold an “Avocado from Mexico” in one hand and run a sharp knife lengthwise around the avocado’s seed

STEP TWO: Twist the avocado into two halves. Hold the avocado half containing the seed in one hand and carefully hit the centre of the seed with the blade of a sharp knife. Then, twist the knife and lift the seed out of the avocado. If you are uncomfortable with a knife, you can alternatively use a spoon to scoop the pit out of the avocado.

STEP THREE: At this stage, there are many ways of separating the avocado flesh from its skin. For guacamole, you can simply scoop out the flesh with a spoon. For use in a salad, use a knife to create a cross-hatch pattern, while being careful not to pierce through its skin, and then scoop out the flesh with a spoon.


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