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The Keg has a long history of charitable giving and in 2001, The Keg Spirit Foundation was established to commemorate The Keg’s 30th anniversary. The creation of the Foundation provided a vehicle to consolidate existing charitable activities while focusing on new ways to give back to local Keg communities.

While the Foundation concentrates on supporting charities that focus on the development of children and youth, its specific goal is to recognize organizations that mirror the mentorship that The Keg Steakhouse & Bar has provided to so many young people. To date, The Keg Spirit Foundation has raised more than $4.5 million for over 300 charities across North America.

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Potato Spring Rolls
Filled with potato, bacon bits, onion, sour cream & spices. Served with chipotle ranch and sweet Thai chili sauces.


Featured entrées are served with a savoury medley of colourful heirloom potatoes roasted with olive oil and a hint of seasoning.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Shrimp
Seasoned prosciutto-wrapped Black Tiger shrimp skewer, grilled and served alongside a top sirloin steak or our hand-carved prime rib.
Mediterranean Calamari
Grilled sirloin or chicken, topped with calamari sautéed in a tomato basil salsa with black olives and finished with a garlic and oregano, feta cheese sauce.
Roasted Peppers and Bleu Cheese
A tender, perfectly grilled steak topped with roasted red peppers, Bleu cheese crumble, and a sweet bacon compote. Finished with a balsamic glaze.
Shrimp & Chorizo in a Bearnaise Cream Sauce
Shrimp, chorizo sausage, and red peppers are lightly sautéed and served over grilled chicken or sirloin. Topped with a creole Bearnaise sauce.

The Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

The Climb

When The Keg Spirit Foundation started in 2001, one of its goals was to focus the tradition of giving back that had been part of The Keg’s culture since its inception. But the primary goal was to highlight the incredible importance of philanthropy for the thousands of young staff who begin their working lives at The Keg. It was hoped that by having firsthand involvement in The Keg’s charitable activities, these young “Keggers” would develop the conviction that giving back should be an important part of everyone’s life, and would make it part of theirs. Over close to 10 years, there have been many inspiring stories of Keggers making a difference by giving their time, energy and enthusiasm to worthwhile causes. This climb is now one of those stories.

This climb was no small undertaking. In fact, it went far beyond what any of these climbers would have pictured themselves ever doing. The idea was sparked by the incredible determination of three “regular” Keggers who, in 2006, took it upon themselves to bike across Canada. In an event called the Cycle for Spirit, they raised money for charities through The Keg Spirit Foundation. Not only did they unite the entire company in their effort, they also made a lot of people stand up and say “what can I do”?

Soon, a crazy idea of climbing a mountain was tossed around. Now, several years later, the dream became a reality. Ten climbers from all over North America, a whole lot of supplies, and all sorts of gear took on Mount Kilimanjaro earlier this month.

There is no place in the world like Mount Kilimanjaro; nothing else compares. The group took on the challenging and remote Lemosho route which traverses along the wild and unspoiled Shira Plateau before reaching the crater rim. Camping in Kilmanjaro’s summit crater at 18,800 feet was just one of many highlights of this remarkable and rare way to climb Africa’s highest mountain. They slept on the mountain in tents for 8 nights. During their ascent to Uhuru Peak at 19,339 feet, they encountered extreme elevation changes and constantly changing weather with temperatures well below 0°F. They completed their journey tired, dusty, and certainly with new perspectives.

By taking on this physical challenge with great determination, these climbers hoped to highlight the importance of giving back, and to inspire both other Keggers and their own friends and associates to continue to make it part of their lives as well. Just as importantly, the Kilmanjaro team wanted to raise funds for The Keg Spirit Foundation so that the Foundation can continue to increase its commitment to and financial support of youth charities. The Keg Spirit Foundation has supported many local and national charities in North America including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Free the Children, Youth in Motion’s Top 20 Under 20 program, the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Ladybug Foundation Education Program, and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The climbers have set a minimum goal for fundraising: Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit is at an altitude of 19,339 feet, and at $20 per foot that amounts to $386,780. They would like to raise more. The Keg Steakhouse & Bar has always paid the full amount of The Keg Spirit Foundation’s administrative costs so that all money raised by and donated to the charities we support. The same is true of the Kilimanjaro climb: The Keg Steakhouse & Bar covered the cost of the journey so that every donation would be passed on in its entirety to the charities themselves.

At The Keg, we give because it is in our spirit. Please show your generosity of spirit by helping the Kilimanjaro climbers meet and exceed their goal for fundraising. The Keg Spirit Foundation Kilimanjaro Climb just finished, so please donate today.


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