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Four new items that you should try from Montana’s this Spring.  Mouth watering Top Sirloin, Mediterranean Goat Cheese Chicken, Sizzling Fajitas, Citrus & Sesame seed Salmon, loaded Potato Skins.

Don’t forget that every Wednesday is all you can eat Rib night too!

Montana's Steak
Top Sirloin: Fresh AAA Alberta centre-cut sirloin hand seasoned and fire-grilled to order, served with dusted onions and a loaded baked potato.  8 oz  $14.99

Montana's Med Goat Cheese Chicken
Mediterranean Goat Cheese Chicken: A double chicken breas encrusted with Mediterranean seasoning, oven-baked with goat cheese and spinach, and topped with a tomato and roasted red pepper sauce.  Served with seasonal vegetables and rice.  $14.99

Montana's Fajitas
izzling Fajitas:
Choose from one of the three varieties:  Chicken, pulled pork, or beef barbacoa.  Served with warm tortillas and all the classic garnishes of diced tomatoes, lettuce, Cheddar cheese, salsa and sour cream.  $14.99
Montana's Salmon
itrus & Sesame Seen Salmon:
Oven-baked Atlantic salmon fillet with a triple citrus and black sesame seed glaze.  served with seasonal vegetables, rice and a fire-grilled lemon. $14.99

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  1. I would like information on the nutrient values of your food. Where can I find this information.
    I really like the cedar salmon and the goat cheese chicken
    Thank you Cindy Sweeting

    Posted by cindy sweeting | June 19, 2010, 9:18 pm