Let us introduce you to our newest friends at We know everyone loves a deal, which explains why we’re all hooked on this “group buying” phenomenon but this is a new fresh way of doing business that’s consumer and vendor friendly! will scour the city and work with local merchants to come up with amazing deals from 50% – 95% off, so you can visit, taste and explore all your city has to offer at a fraction of the retail price. Visit everyday as  come up with new and exciting deals

So sit back and and let’s find out how group buying should be done.

Let’s start out with some basics…

What is Group buying?

Tuángòu* (pronounced “twangoo”), which loosely translates as team buying or group buying (also known as store mobbing), is a recently developed shopping strategy originating in the People’s Republic of China. Several people – sometimes friends, but possibly strangers connected over the internet – agree to approach a vendor of a specific product in order to haggle with the proprietor as a group in order to get discounts. The entire group agrees to purchase the same item. The shoppers benefit by paying less, and the business benefits by selling multiple items at once.

Online Group buying works the same way, although will do all the work for you and you reap the rewards. Just sit back wait for the daily deal email and join the buy in progress.

DealCaada Website

And for Businesses out there this information is for you!

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  • No upfront costs. You don’t pay a penny. Ever. In fact, they’ll pay you. Huh? That’s right once your deal is completed, will pay you a nice big fat cheque from everyone who purchased your deal. Sounds nice eh? Prepaid customers are nice.
  • Free Social Marketing. How would you like a small army of social media gurus talking about YOUR business? Yup, that’s right, once your deal is featured on, you will get hundreds of social media mentions from Twitter to Facebook. Folks will be shouting about your deal all over the web.
  • Guaranteed Sales. Yes, will guarantee sales, and you can choose the minimum or maximum number you want. Do you know of any other forms of advertising that will guarantee you get sales?
  • New Customers. How would you feel about a flood of new customers flowing through your front door? Sounds dreamy eh? Well that is the joy of the group buying effect. will sell your deal to hundreds of new clients that probably would have never tried out your business.
  • NO Fees+ Free Social Marketing + Prepaid NEW Clients = ”Where do I sign up?”

* * * Please note, only accepts a small percentages of clients who apply to run a deal so don’t delay, spots for 2011 are filling up fast * * *

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