Liquid Nutrition – Free Smoothie!

Liquid Nutrition

How are you going to celebrate your Friday afternoon, the last day before the long awaited weekend?   I suggest you start by walking over to Liquid Nutrition and enjoy a FREE 12 oz Smoothie.  Who doesn’t like a cold refreshing drink while they watch the clock tick down to quitting time?  Liquid Nutrition is a trendy shop that serves up smoothies, freshly made salads, and sandwiches with locations in Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, and New York.

There’s some minor prep work before you can make your way over there so pay attention to the details.

Smoothie choices: Banango, Man goes Berry Crazy, Jamaican Me Crazy, or Berry Berry Good

To get your free smoothie you have to visit the Liquid Nutrition website and register your email before they mail you your coupon for the free smoothie.


Liquid Nutrition sign up

They’ll send you an instant email with a link to get your free drink but:

  • The coupon is only good for 24 hours from the date of issue
  • The coupon is only valid if you print out and bring the ENTIRE PAGE with all the information including your first ant last name.
  • One coupon per person

Your coupon looks something like this:

Liquid Nutrition coupon page


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  1. I had the Man Goes Berry Crazy today. The smoothie was better than I expected. It had a good consistency and was not sour at all. It was made with strawberries, juice, some kind of extract, and ice. The size of the smoothie was quite small, but it was adequate for a snack like drink. It’s a good deal for a free smoothie. Thanks, Yummylocal!


    Posted by KT | April 10, 2010, 11:12 pm
  2. Wonder how many times you can use it before they turn you away.

    Posted by Alice | April 11, 2010, 9:30 am