Kelsey’s 7 Drinks for 7 Days!

Kelseys 7 Drinks

For you guys out there who like to unwind at the bar after work with good friends and some drinks here’s a deal for you at Kelsey’s.  For a limited time Kelsey’s offers 7 different drinks for each day of the week at lower prices.

Kelsey's 7 Days Poster

Mondays: 3 Coronas – $9.99
Tuesdays: Tall Cans – $4.29 (Keith’s, Canadian, Coors Light)
Wednesdays: Glass of wine – $2 off
Thursdays: Martini (2 oz alcohol) – $4.99
Fridays & Saturdays: Bottle of wine – $5 off
Sundays: Classic Caesars (1.5 oz alcohol) – $3.99

For all you other guys who just like beer you can take advantage of the discounts after 8:30pm any night of the week!

Pitchers (60 oz):

Domestic $10.99
Premium $11.99

For a full menu please visit the Kelsey’s website.


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