Boston Pizza ~ 10 choices for $10 bucks!

Boston Pizza $10

Boston Pizza is being really aggressive with their ad campaign for there newest promo,  “10 for $10” and now it’s stuck in my head so I thought I’d share it with you guys.  Lunch or dinner for $10 bucks isn’t too bad.  Choose from 10 possible choices such as:  Baja Salad, Pepper pizza, Szechuan pizza..

Full List of choices:

Baja Salad                                 BP Prime Rib Burger
Pepper Pizza*                            Tuscan Linguini
Szechuan Pizza*                         Mama Meata Penne
Vegetarian Pizza*                       Baked Seven Cheese Ravioli
Spicy Italian Penne                     Tropical Chicken Pizza*

Offer Expires: November 1st 2009

Dine in only!

Click here to find a Boston Pizza location near you.


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